Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Sister Jones!

Oh my goodness I am already having too much fun this transfer!
Me and Sister Jones
My new companion is Sister Jones from Mesa, AZ! She is soooo awesome! Love her guts already. She went to BYU and was a professional diver there! She came out in April then went home in August for knee surgery, and just got back out this last week. Ya, she's a trooper, a super hardcore missionary. This is her 4th transfer, and my 5th, so we're very close in mission age. Our first day together we had a blast, I felt like I had known her for years and years. I really do feel like we're sisters. Haha, everywhere we go everyone tells us how much we look alike and compliment us like crazy. (That just tells you how awesome and cute she is). We love singing together and so we always try to sing at every appointment we go to. We always say the same things at the same time. Haha, it's just too funny. I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to serve together! Seriously. Even though we've only been together 6 days, it already feels like months. We just clicked the second we met. I'm really, really excited about this transfer, and we are soooo excited to do the work and to see miracles! 
I would send you all pictures, but this silly computer will not ever let me upload pics, so.. It might be awhile on that one. 
Our first day together we went to help a lady in our ward move in. She had tons and tons of boxes full of books that needed to go in her basement. Well, I told Sister Jones she better not even think about going up and down those stairs, so she would bring the boxes in and I would take them down. Haha, well on my first trip down those steep stairs I started to make my way and just about tumbled down onto my face. We both started laughing so hard because it really would've been a pretty deadly fall. Ha, I said, "Man, I probably would have had to go home for knee surgery.." Ha ok, this story really isn't that funny, but you just had to be there. President Keyes kept making fun of her at the airport when he was carrying her suitcase and said, "Oh man you could tear an ACL lifting these bags.." And then he told her on the way to the Visitors Center that she didn't need to worry about the stairs because there was an elevator there and then he said "Or, we could just put a diving pool at the bottom of the stairs and you could dive in." Haha, ya President can be pretty clever sometimes ;)  
My Aussie Sista! Sister Kavea! 
Even though we haven't been able to find tons of people to teach, we've been having lots of fun trying. I'm still here in my first area, but we are not only covering 1st ward, but we're now covering the singles branch as well. It's going to be crazy double covering an area, but I know we'll have lots of fun making mistakes I'm sure. Haha. The Visitor Center sure has changed a lot, some of my favorite sisters left but now there are lots of new ones to get to know. My little Aussie sister went to Kansas, and my other fav sister crystal is training and opening an area that's pretty sketchy. But, all is well, I'm just grateful for the memories I've been able to make these past 7 months with those sisters, and I'm grateful for the time I'll have in these upcoming months to make more memories.. This will probably be my last transfer in the Visitor Center so I'm going to do my best to work hard and enjoy every minute of it because I really don't want to go. I love Independence, and I really love everyone that I've been so blessed to serve around! :) 
This Christmas we get to SKYPE home soooooo everyone better look their best. Haha, I seriously am so happy we get to do that. We're having Christmas at a members house that feeds us every Sunday and when we went there this past Sunday they totally had stockings hung up for Sister Jones and I that had our names on it. It was so cool! I am soo excited to be out here and to have my very first and my only Christmas in the mission field. It's so fun to teach others what Christmas is all about, CHRIST. There's just nothing better than serving. I seriously love it. Sorry I don't have anymore exciting stories, but I know there are bound to be plenty in the future. I love you all soo much and I can't wait to get all the packages you're going to send me. (haha joking, but seriously ;) Don't forget what Christmas is all about! 
Love, Sister Conrow    

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