Wednesday, July 4, 2012


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! It's a grand and glorious day to spend my freedom in Independence, Missouri. 
Well oh my goodness this has honestly been the most random/craziest week! HahaTransfers came and went last night. My new companion is Hermana Caudel from California. We actually came out to the mission together, but she is Spanish speaking so we were in a different district at the Missionary Training Center. I love Sister Caudel. She is my favorite little Mexican sista! We have been saying our entire missions that one day we would be companions... and now here we are. I'm super stoked to finally be able to use my Spanish and learn it from a pro. I'm still in the same area in Independence, and Sis Sibbett is just transferring to another ward here in Indy. So it's going to be a fun six weeks. Hermana Caudel and I are going to work like crazy and have fun doing it! 

Ok so as all of you know, it has been crazy hot in this nation and especially here in Indy land. Not only has it been hot, but it's been humid.. Anyways... a couple days ago we were eating dinner at our investigators house. He made us authentic Dominican food and oh my gosh it was so good, but his house was super hot and we were dying of heat. Well after we ate dinner we taught him another lesson and halfway through the lesson, my stomach started killing me, so I just prayed and prayed, "Heavenly Father we have to teach this man and I have to teach in Spanish, please just let my stomach feel ok until the end of the lesson." Sure enough, the pain went away, but right after we said amen, it came back 10 fold! Haha. I was dying and everyone was taking so long to say goodbye. When we walked outside the member we brought with us was wanting to talk and talk, and I felt so bad. Finally I said, "I'm so sorry but if we don't go now, I'm going to pass out.. " So we start walking to our car and then all of the sudden I just feel all the color leave my face. Sis Sibbett turns to me and says, "Sis, you are turning green, lets go back to Fausto's before you pass out.." At that point, I thought I was dying and agreed to walk back. Well before I knew it, I could barely hear anything and my eyes blacked out. I felt like I was in a completely different world. Somehow, we made it back to our investigators home where I crashed in his bathroom for about 20 minutes. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was so sick. I think he thought it was his food, like my stomach couldn't handle it or something, but I knew it was just dehydration. I guess I just got so busy that day I had completely forgotten to drink hardly any water. Ha, my bad. Alright, now for the crazy story that happened last night.. 

After transfer calls all of us sisters were up talking (there are 6 sisters that live in one house, it's awesome) so we're up talking and all of the sudden Sister Coplan and Minall come upstairs and they're all, "Sisters get down on the floor now! We heard a lady outside screaming that there was a guy right out on the side of our house with a gun, and he's trying to get into their house.." Then we all hear this loud scraping sound on the side of the house.. So we all get down and turn out the lights and are like, "Ok what do we do?" Haha. So Sis Coplan calls 911 while I'm calling the Assistants and another sister is calling one of the senior couples.. The assistants are like, "K, we're coming over.." Then the cops show up and then the senior couple shows up. It was madness.. At this point the sound was gone and the guy with the gun is no where to be found. So the cops go over and talk to these 2 guys that are standing outside of their house next to us and they say, "Oh it was just a dog that ran down the alley.." which we all knew that wasn't true and so the cops just left it at that like it was nothing.. I couldn't believe it. The AP's were just standing there helpless haha, I think they just wanted to know what was going on and they feel like brothers to us- just wanting to protect their poor helpless little sisters. Haha. Sister Sibbett, Mendez and I were way freaked out the rest of the night, we could hardly sleep. We kept thinking up the worst scenarios possible. We're still pretty sure something fishy was going on at that house next to us... but I guess we'll never know.. for now. Good thing we're missionaries and the Lord watches over us! Haha- it was such a crazy night. Oh good ole' Independence. 

This morning we had transfer breakfast- where we sing made up songs to all those who are going home and then we took a bunch of pictures so I'll try to send those over. Tomorrow I get my new comp- she's coming from Liberty Jail. Here's to a new transfer! I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and have lots of fun! I love being out here- it is so much fun, even with all the crazy things that happen. Gotta love the mission!

 Love, Hermana Conrow 

(By the way Bryan- a kid came through the Visitors Center yesterday that served in your mission, he's going to find you on Face Book- oh and don't drink the water there, you'll get sick and have to come home early. That happened to another kid that came to the Visitors Center a couple weeks ago. Love you!) 

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