Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live, Learn, Love & Laugh!

Me and Sister Clarke
Time is going too quick, and I don't like it... The end of this month will be my 5 month mark. I feel like I'm still stuck in January sometimes...

I am growing to love my mission more and more and I don't know how I will ever be able to part from it come next November. I realize that's a ways away, but I know time will go by fast, and before I know it, the time will come for me to go home.. I guess I've been thinking about time a lot because my companion is getting ready to go back to St. George in 2 weeks! I seriously cannot believe it. She's been handling it really, really well, and has been a great example to me of how you should be when you go home..
I am spoiled in this mission! Friday all of the sisters were able to go on a history trip where we got to see Liberty Jail, Far west, and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. It was SOOOO COOOL. I feel so so so blessed to be serving in this mission where I get those opportunities to learn about what the Saints went through, and where Christ will come again. It was the neatest experience. The spirit was so powerful and I was just so grateful. I can't wait to go back again!  
Something I have really learned this past week is the importance of having fun and laughing. It's the greatest release. I cannot tell you how much fun I've had this past week just by laughing at the silly mistakes I make. Sister Loo is a big ball of fun and she has really taught me how to just enjoy the small moments and not be so serious (I have a tendency to be that way sometimes). I think that's one of the greatest reasons Heavenly Father put her as my companion, so she could teach me to just stop and smell the roses and love every moment of every day. Regardless of what happens.

For example: last week we got home and we were welcomed by a ginormous spider on Sister Loo's side of the room. Well in her attempt to kill the spider at the top of the ceiling, she dropped her shoe on her dresser which caused everything to fall off, and Mr spider never got killed. So she moved her entire bed and dresser away from the wall and threw all her pillows on my bed in her attempt to continue searching for the spider. She moved a big mirror we had, to the floor and ended up stepping on it and shattering the whole thing, while in the meantime still searching for that gosh darn spider. Haha meanwhile, I'm just laughing my head off in the background at how much damage had been caused all in an attempt to kill a lousy spider. Well the funny story doesn't stop there. She finally went and got the vacuum and started vacuuming all around her bed and the floor and all the spider webs on our wall.. well I decided I would do the same to my side of the wall just in case he tried to come snuggle with me.. Well I had to stand on my bed to vacuum the wall and so I had to lift up the vacuum. When I did that, the stupid vacuum starting sucking up Sister Loo's favorite pillow case she had for her whole mission and it burnt the whole bottom of it. Haha, I  felt soooooooo bad, because I knew how much that pillow case meant to her, but I just could not stop laughing at how ridiculous all of this was.. Long story short, we never found that blasted spider until yesterday morning, where he greeted me by my feet. I guess he knew not to bother sister Loo again. 

Haha another release sister Loo and I have found is Sudoku's. They are our bestest friends at night after we've gotten ready for bed and said our prayers. We race each other to see who can get their Sudoku done first, starting with the easiest ones to the hardest ones. I love it. After a long day of missionary work and rejection, Sudoku's are the perfect medicine for us.

Haha well.. enough with the fun and games, I promise we do actually work everyday.. even though this email may not seem like it. Last week I was on exchanges and my comp and I were able to teach this young man about the Book of Mormon and the purpose of life on his doorstep. It was really awesome. He had never grown up in any religion and didn't even really know about Jesus Christ. It amazed me! He was very receptive and open to learning more. We promised him that if he would just take the time to read from the Book of Mormon he would be blessed, that he would be so happy, and that he would know what his purpose was for this life. He said he would, but that he was moving to WA. So hopefully the missionaries will find him there!

I love the Gospel, I love this work, and I am sooooo thankful to be apart of it. Thank you all for your love and encouraging words. It means everything to me! The church is true! Don't give up on it!
Love, Sister Conrow :)

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