Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time To Say Goodbye... :(

Ok, so I have like 5 minutes to write an email today, so I will do my best to bring up the highlights of this past week. 
First off- I have never gained a greater desire and love for my mission than I did this past week. There's not necessarily a particular reason, I think I am just finally adjusting to the work. I have learned how important it is to let go of the past and focus on the present. I need to look at the path that my feet are on. Weights are lifted from my shoulders when I apply the atonement and forgive those who have offended me in the past. I feel more confident, happy, and successful. I've realized that all I can do is my best, and that's the best I can do.

Words cannot express how I feel about Sister Loo leaving me to go home to St. George this week. I have learned more than I know from her. She was the greatest mission mom Heavenly Father could have given me. I will never, ever forget her and the impression that she has forever left on my heart. There's just no trainer greater than Sister Loo. She was the perfect role model for me and I hope to be half as good as she is by the time I near the end of my mission. Ah, I just love her. 
This past week has been filled with so many wonderful tender mercies and miracles from the Lord. He just really loves me I guess. Haha. I was able to take a non-member couple through the Visitor's Center and had the most amazing spiritual experience. Their hearts were so open even though they are active in another faith. By the end of our 2 hour tour, I didn't want them to go. I was able to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon as well as my personal testimony of the Gospel inside the copy (which they asked for, which I thought was super cool!). We shared many personal experiences with each other and even shed a few tears together. Haha. I know that the Lord allowed me to be a tool in helping this couple come closer to the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We promised to write each other and I cannot wait to see where their path will go now. 
I love this Gospel, I love this work. For reals. There is just nothing that can even compare to a mission. I promise. Hold firm to what you know is true. I know Heavenly Father is aware of every single one of us. We are His children. I love all of you, and I am so grateful for your letters of support and love. Never give up! 
Love, Sister Conrow :)  
Me, Sister Loo & Sister Moe
Our Ward Mission Leader!!

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