Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome into the Church of Jesus Christ!

Connie's baptism was AWESOME! Seriously, it was honestly just the greatest baptism. The speakers were perfect and the spirit was so strong. He was prepared and ready to receive the blessings of baptism, but also to take upon himself the name of Christ. After he was baptized, and getting changed, we had all those who came to support him write down on a note card, their testimony and how they felt. One little boy wanted to write on a card, and this is what he wrote, "Connie, welcome into The Church of Jesus Christ." It was such a simple statement, yet so profound. I will never forget that statement. That is exactly what baptism is, a welcome into The Church of Jesus Christ. It is a gate by which we can receive salvation and come unto our Salvador, Jesucristo.
Boy, this ward is on fire, they are so involved with missionary work and so loving to all of our investigators that come. They instantly reach out to them with open arms and are willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel loved as individuals. What a blessing it is to be serving in this ward at this time. The YSA Branch that we serve in is pretty great too. All of the singles are strong and active and ready to do whatever they can do to help. We've been teaching a young man from Kentucky who is now getting baptized next Tuesday, April 3rd! We are sooooo stoked fro him. He has such a strong testimony of Christ and such a desire to come closer to Him and to know the will that Heavenly Father has for him. I know it's because of the faith and love of the Branch that he is here, and that we have been able to teach him. Ahh, I just feel so grateful to be here in Platte City, to be so close to a temple that will be dedicated shortly.
The temple open house is next weekend. I can hardly believe it. I can hardly believe that it's almost April?!!! That means I have been out for nearly a year. WHY does time go by so quickly?
Even though I may look like a frumpy missionary now, I still can't wait to go through a house of the Lord and feel His spirit! I could, "yump for yoy," as my Grandma Clawson would always say. Haha. 
This last week we had an interesting experience, well at least it was for me. We tried to contact a family in the ward who hadn't been in years. As we approached the door (this being our 3rd or 4th attempt to contact them) finally, a man answered the door. We began to tell him who we were and he looked at us with anger in his eyes and said, "We're not interested, yep, we're STILL NOT INTERESTED!" And slammed the door in our faces. I started thinking about how many times the Savior comes knocking at our doors and we say that through our actions, "yep, Jesus Christ, I'm still not interested in what you want me to do. I'm happy doing my own will, thank you very much." Ouch! I really hope we are not doing that. I really hope we are not shutting Christ out of our lives. 
Another little experience we had the other day- we contacted this lady, who was a friend of someone in the ward. We started chatting with her and she was pretty nice, and then someone walked in her door. Right as that person walked in I could just feel a dark spirit, I don't even know how to describe it, but something in that atmosphere of the room changed. Up walked a man who was probably in his 60's. We'll call him Bill. So Bill starts talking to us with a big smile on his face, seeming to be the nicest guy. Well as we continue talking with Bill, he begins asking very manipulative questions and eventually drove us out of the house. Something wasn't right with Bill and he definitely did not want us there talking to his, I think, girlfriend. Anywho, this experience reminded me of a talk I read the other day by President Eyring called, "Beware of the evil behind the smiling eyes." I would invite all of you to read it. It was an awesome talk that opened my eyes to understanding the spirit of discernment. 
Well, I better get going, but I want to invite all of you, also, to watch all of conference this weekend. Make it your goal to listen to every session. Go into it with a prayer in your heart and with questions prepared to be answered. I know that as you do, that your answers will come and that the Lord will bless you in your efforts to listen to his prophet and apostles. I love you all, lots and lots! 
Love, Hermana Conrow :)    

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