Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Love To Be Taught By Him

Well this past week has certainly been a different one..

My poor companion had to go to the ER on Tuesday because she was having really, really bad stomach pain. They did a bunch of tests and couldn't figure out what was wrong so they just gave her some medication until she could go see a specialist. Her pain has been pretty bad, so the medicine they gave her.... well lets just say it knocks her out. Haha. This past week I've learned a lot of patience. I've also been able to more fully utilize my telephone skills and writing skills (aka: doing lots of paperwork). One day, one of our leaders called to check up on her and she answered the phone. This is how the conversation went: "Sister have you been feeling?!" She said in a slurred like manner, "Oh Elder.. I don't feel anything at alllll..." Hahaha.. Needless to say, he strongly encouraged us not to go anywhere. We wouldn't want people thinking differently of us as representatives of Jesus Christ. We have an appointment this week though, so we're really hoping that they can figure out what's going on. Pray for my poor companera. 

Other than ER visits, we were able to hear from a General Authority, Elder Nash. He spoke at our stake conference and it was so amazing! He talked all about the importance of our families, and the things that we need to be doing in order to keep our families strong in the gospel. He mentioned how crucial it was that we have family prayers, morning and night, scripture study and family home evening every Monday. He promised us that if we will do this with our children that we will be happy and will be able to stay strong as a family, despite the pressures from the world. Ahh, it was just so good! Then after stake conference, we were on shift and he came to the Visitor's Center to take a tour. Little did we know that he's the one that's over all of the Historic Sites in the church. Haha, that's not intimidating! He did shake all of our hands though and told us how special we were, and that we were hand picked to be Visitor Center Sisters. Ha that made me feel pretty good ;) 

Ok- this week I had a way neat opportunity to sing at a Mission President's Devotional. It's a meeting they hold every 1st and 3rd Sunday for recent converts to come and share their testimonies. I sang with a few other sisters, "I am a Child of God" only we sang it in Samoan. It was soo pretty. The spirit was so powerful and I just loved it so much. Ah, I really have grown to love the Polynesian culture so much. They are so full of love and spirit. Next on my list is to learn to sing it in Spanish, since a lot of the members in our ward are from the Dominican Republic. (yes, I still have lots of learning to do con mi espanol!) 

With the few times we were able to go out this past week, I did have a very tender experience. We went to this house that we've been to before. They were referred to us from a member to go visit. The husband is from the Dominican and can barely speak any English so we've been trying to connect with the wife a lot. She's from New York, but Dominican as well. They are just the sweetest people. Her poor husband has a severe back problem though and has been bed ridden for months and is having surgery this weekend. Anywho- as we've been going over there we've tried to teach her here and there but also just show these people how much we love them and desire to serve them. After going over there about 3 times, we still had yet to meet her husband because he was always in bed- but one day when we went over and were speaking to his wife, he yelled downstairs to his wife in Spanish, not thinking I could understand, so I yelled back up to him, "Esta bien hermano, queremos ayuda!" Well then he got excited and started yelling back more really fast in spanish. And I started laughing because at that point I couldn't understand him for how fast he was speaking. His wife told us that he wanted to try to come downstairs so he could shake our hands and thank us for our willingness to help. We walked in the door and there he was, so crippled and hobbling down the long flight of stairs just to thank us. Tears just filled my eyes because of how sweet this guy was. He finally got to the bottom, his face grieved with pain, and said, "Gracias hermanas por todos hacemos." Thanks you sisters for all you do. Ahh, it was just the greatest. Then, he hobbled back upstairs, clinging to the railing. I know that is something so simple, but it meant so much to me. I know that's something Christ would do. Even though this man has nothing to do with the church, he had a whole lot of something to do with Christ and was willing to show that example. I will never forget that experience. He taught me a lot about humility that day. 

I just love being a missionary. There's nothing greater. I LOVE IT! I love all of you. Jesus is the Christ, this is His church. I know it. 

Love, Hermana Conrow :) 

ps.. here's a link to a pic of me and some other missionaries singing for the prophet! 

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