Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mosiah 2:17

Hey everyone!
This week is going to be a short one..

But I just want all of you to know that I would love to have some letters! Let me know how you are! If you do, I will do my best to write you back!

Haha, anyways- things here have been busy. Transfers were last week and I'm still here in Indy with Sista Loo who. I love it. Ha I'm glad I'm still here. I have the best ward mission leader in the world. He's great. This past week my comp and I have just really been focusing on service and visiting all of the ward members on the ward roster. It's amazing how many people we have in our ward that haven't been visited by members of the church. It's so so so important to do your visiting and home teaching. I can't express that enough. For reals.

So the other day as we were out in our area we were trying to find this one guy in our ward, well Sister Loo accidentally got the addresses mixed up haha so we knocked on this door looking for this guy and this lady came out and was super confused and told us no one lived there and so we just thought, "Oh he must have moved..." So we got talking to this lady and turns out she has been looking for a church for her and her kids and so we gave her our cards and invited her to come check out our church on Sunday. She was a total sweetheart and said she'd loved to, so we're hoping that we'll get to see her there. Well when we got back to our car Sister Loo realized that she mixed up the addresses.. ha so her mistake turned into a miracle. Funny how the Lord does that. Ha! Ahh I love this Gospel so so so much. I have never ever had anything in my life that has ever brought me greater joy and happiness, and I just want everyone to have that in their life. So does our Heavenly Father and that's why he calls missionaries!

Something I've been realizing as I've been out here is how important it is to serve others and to forget ourselves. Sometimes we can't even see how caught up and focused we are on our own lives and what WE have to do. I know I definitely need to work on forgetting myself more. I was reading in the Book of Mormon the other day about serving with a willing heart and also praying. When we don't pray or serve with a sincere heart or with real intent, it profits us nothing, did you hear that? Nothing! We might as well not serve if we don't do it gladly. Craziness.. 

Well.. that's about all this week- I wish I had more crazy exciting stories, I probably do, but once again my missionary amnesia has taken over. I love you all. Thanks for the support and kind words. Have a wonderful week, think of others and you'll be way happier. I promise! :)

Love, Sister Conrow :)

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