Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Great M.I.M :)

Well it's that time again- transfers.

What the weird right? I am now into my 3rd transfer in the mission field. I'm turning into an oldie, ok not really but kind of. I'm staying here in my same area with my same comp Sista Loo. I'm super stoked.
I love the ward and all the members. We seriously have the BEST ward mission leader. He's so cool. We called him last night and I played a joke on him and told him Sister Loo was leaving and he was just so bummed out and wanted to cry, ha ha but then I told him the truth and he's all, "You little punk, but good, now we can throw Sister Loo a going away party." Ha so that should be fun when the time comes in October. Poly's know how to throw the best parties.. lots of food!
Anyways- things here have slow down a little with the work, but it can't all be fun and games. Yesterday my comp and I were tracting in an area, and we knocked on this lady's door and she looked out the window, and then walked away. Ha ha. So Sister Loo left her a note and we walked to our car. Then I looked back and she had opened the door and ripped off the note and was standing there, so I rolled down my window and yelled out a hello...and she was silent.. then all of the sudden- at the top of her lungs she yelled- "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" At that juncture we just told her to have a good day, and I rolled up my window. Ha ha. Now I can officially say I've been yelled at hardcore by a not so great fan of missionaries. Man, now I know how dogs feel. Ha poor things.
Last week I also had the opportunity to go on splits with a sister in our ward who's getting ready to go on her mission to Peru in Dec. We decided that we would try and go visit some people on our ward roster. Well we had been going all day and no one was home. Finally we got to this way cool house out in the middle of nowhere. When we approached the doorstep something just felt off.. This lady came out and told us that she was a member 15 years ago, but was no longer a member. She then went on to say how we followed false prophets and that the Book of Mormon was not true. She told us that we needed to check ourselves and pray to find the truth. She said a lot of other things, but we won't get too detailed. By the end of her ranting, I just felt evil spirits around me as bad as that sounds. I just bore testimony to her that I knew what I was doing was true, and that I did have to find out for myself, and that was why I was there on her porch. My poor little day companion felt very heated and didn't know what to do. After we left and got to the car, she was like, "oh my gosh, how do you deal with that?" I just told her that if anything, what that lady had to say only built my testimony that much more because as I listened to her the spirit only bore witness even more powerfully that what I was doing was right, that I AM in the work of our God. Even though it was hard to hear what that lady had to say, it made me so much stronger and I was so grateful to have that experience.. 
Anywho- sad note- our investigator Cathy, the one we found drunk on her doorstep, dropped us the other day, while she was drunk actually. We were super bummed because just a few days before that she had called us and told us how she wanted to come to church with us so bad and had even bought a new outfit, but then called us one night when she was drunk and told us not to bother her. I hate alcohol. It destroys you in so many ways. I can't even tell you how many people we have come across who have been destroyed because of alcohol and drugs. It's a miserable life to live. But thank goodness for the atonement. Christ can heal you and he does. He performs miracles like nobodies business, and that's what we are here to share with people. We don't force anyone to come unto Christ, we merely invite, and hope that people will accept.. Unfortunately Satan still likes to squirm his little way into the process of change when it comes to our investigators. 
On a much more positive note, we have been seeing miracles left and right, at the VC and out in our area. Many times it's just the simple things like people accepting to take our card or let us into their home, but despite all the hard times, the hot times, and just hard times in general it is SO WORTH it. I love love love this mission more than anything. I don't think I can say that enough. Everyone should have the opportunity to serve a mission. It's just.... the best. 
I love you all. The church is true. Do not stray away!
Love, Sista Conrow :)  

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