Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missouri Independence Miracles! :)


I finally got an adaptor so I can send pictures. CHYAAAA! Haha, hope you all enjoy their goodness!
Well- change finally came and went. My sweet Sister Loo went home to St. George and I now have a new companion.
Her name is Sister Lund, and she is from Manti, UT. We are already loving each other and seeing many, many miracles. I won't lie, change is hard, and sometimes I really miss Sister Loo, but I'm grateful I have the memories, and that I can remember all that she has taught me. She set such a good example for me, and I'm glad to say I am her daughter (in the mission) and can follow in her footsteps!  
Saying goodbye to Sister Loo!  :(
This past week has been busy, busy, but fun! Saturday night my comp and I were able to go to this cool little thing called Enchanted Forest. It's where the drama production puts on these little mini plays outside and you take kids through this trail with tons of trees (at the park) and they get to watch the actors. It's such a cool idea! It's very family oriented and as missionaries we get to go and volunteer to be guides for all the groups that come in. So we got to see it for free! It was just the neatest thing. Independence has done this for about 15 years and so there were probably thousands of families that came to take their kids through. I loved it!

Yesterday was just the greatest day ever! We were only able to proselyte until about 7 last night just for safety reasons (and because we wouldn't want people thinking we were trick "r" treating dressed up as missionaries, haha). So we picked an area to go visit and parked our car and just started walking down the street. It was a beautiful day yesterday so we were able to talk to soooo many people. It was an old joke with me and Sister Loo that the only people we contacted or taught always seemed to be older single men. Well that still holds strong today. Haha. Every person we contacted last night was an older single male. But it was still just super awesome. One guy in particular was the biggest sweetheart. He belonged to the RLDS faith but hadn't been in a long time since the split of the church. So we invited him to come to church with us on Sunday and he said he really wanted to. Sister Lund and I are pretty excited about that!

Later on that night Sister Lund and I were able to teach this guy who we've been teaching for a really long time. About 4 months. At one point he set a baptismal date, but then backed out, but still wanted to meet with us. Well, last night I told Sister Lund that enough was enough. He knows the church is true, he just doesn't want to give his ear to the Lord. He comes from a very troubled past and everytime we meet with him he expresses how many burdens he holds and how miserable he is. And no matter how many times we tell him all of that can be taken away from him if he'll just come unto Christ, he never seems to get it, or rather, accept it. So for our app we decided to read the story of Alma the younger from the Book of Mormon (ya know, the one where he rebels from his own father's church and teaches against it and then an angel of the Lord appears unto him and tells him to straighten up or else and then he is racked with all his sins but remembers the mercy of Christ's atonement and changes his heart forever? Ya, that one). After we read that story this man just lights up and tells how he can so relate to Alma the Younger. And I said, "See, that's why we kept telling you to read from the Book of Mormon. It was written for you!" Haha. Needless to say, for the rest of the app I did my best to follow the promptings of the spirit and told this man that he knows these things are true because he has told us that. We told him that he needs to stop fighting the truth, come unto Christ, and be baptized. Well, after much boldness and gifts of the spirit, he finally said, "Yes, this is what I want and need!" AHHHH. I was soooooooooooo happy and relieved. We were finally able to get through to him and to help him understand why baptism in Christ's true church is so so so important! It was just the coolest experience ever. I just about jumped for joy! 

Ah, I love this Gospel. I love missionary work. It's the greatest. I'm grateful for my companion and for all the growth that I know I will be able to have this transfer. This is Christ's true church! I love you all, thanks for you support and love! 

Love, Sister Conrow :) 

P.S. Some of the pics are of me and Sister Loo at transfer bus with other sisters, and then 2 are of me and my new comp at Enchanted Forest! Enjoy.  

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