Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh Jolly Day!

Ah man, I just got so much love this week I've spent pretty much all my time writing everyone back. I know, I know, I've been slacking on a richly filled, fun-to-read-for-everyone email.

No worries, it'll come..... One day. Hahaha-joking.

Well this is what I have to say about this past week.


Ha Ha, it has been a rough one everyone. Guess we all gotta take the good with the bad ya know. Many a doors were slammed in our faces, tears were shed, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in all the land really. Ha ha. 

I've learned something though from this past week's lack of successes. When the tough times come, I can appreciate my Savior that much more. I felt just a tiny bit of how He must of felt after all the times He was rejected and persecuted. 
And when I thought, "why?!!! oh why me Heavenly Father? I just don't get it? I'm doing everything I can, I'm being obedient?!! WHY?!" 
And then the spirit rebukes me and reminds me that it's when things are hard, that I really love and appreciate the good times. It's when things are hard that I can come closer to Jesus Christ. 
  It's when things are hard that I can learn to endure and smile even when a frown seems easiest to manage. 
    It's when things are hard that I learn to look up, I learn to smell the roses, I learn to look for a greater sense of peace, I learn to serve, and understand all those around me.
      It's when things are hard that I learn how much God really DOES LOVE ME, and has a bigger plan in store for me.

And that, my friends, isn't un-success, it's knowledge and experience gained. 

Now, could I say this just a few days ago when I wanted to lash out irrationally? No, definitely not, because when I was going through it, it was hard. But now I see how silly I was, now I see how the Lord was just doing a little gardening for little prideful Sister Conrow. Now, I get it. Ha ha. 
So if you're week has been like this, I'm sorry, truly I am, but guess what - we all have to go through it some time or another... so just smile, be happy, and fake it til ya make it. 
The Lord is there, 
       He knows how you're feeling. 
             Rely on Him, and all will be well in Zion. 
Pinkie promise. 

One experience I'd like to share with all of you really quick- 

Sister Lund and I were out knocking doors, just trying to find people who the Lord has prepared. We got to a house, knocked, and a younger guy opened the door half-hearted, not really wanting to talk. We said Hi and asked if so- and so was there. He said, ya- but she's sleeping and started to go inside. So- me being the missionary I am- asked for his name and extended my hand. 
"Hey, what was your name?" 
"John," he said. 
"Hey John, I'm Sister Conrow." 
Then, with a disgruntled look on his face he said, "Uh, ya I can see that." (meaning- Duh, you have a name tag, I can read) Ha ha. 
Well, by now in my day, I truly was at my breaking point, so instead of turning that extended hand into a punch in the gut, I just simply smiled and said, "Oh good." 
And as he began to close the door, I exclaimed, "Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight..." Hahaha Jk. 
I said, "Have a nice day, John." And walked to my car, where I then punched my seat. Ha ha.
Something I learned from this tiny experience was that we all need to keep our cool, but I also learned how sad it was that he didn't even give me a chance to say who we represented. 

Jesus Christ.

Hello, our one and only SAVIOR! 

Why wouldn't you want to listen to a message from him?! 

How often do we do that ? ? ? ?

Slam the door on the spirit, and go on our merry little way? 

I know for me, it's sometimes too often. I pray and hope that all of us can remember to always follow the promptings of the spirit, and smile even during the hard times when you just plain wanna pull your hair out. 
      (Mom, I may be bald when I get home, just sayin') Ha ha.
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful experience. Send me the leftovers. Ha ha jk, that'ld be gross. 

The church is true. This is HIS (sometimes very hard) work. Ha ha. 

Love ya!
Love, Sister Conrow :)     

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