Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gettin' Old! ;)

Seriously, I am getting old, I can't remember anything!
I've come to the point on my mission where everything turns into one big, fat blurry blob. I couldn't even tell you what I did yesterday, let alone last week. I have to constantly make notes in my planner when something happens that I want to write home about, but even then, I forget to write it down in my planner so then I forget what it was I even wanted to tell everyone hahaha.
Anyways- hello all! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to send home, we can't send pictures on the computers that we use here at the library... maybe later on when I get transferred. Just know I'm doing well.. almost too well food wise. Haha. The members feed us like we're starving Ethiopian children--
Things here in Missouri are going good. I love my area, my ward, and all my leaders. They are just so great, I couldn't ask for a better mission. The Lord is still humbling me day by day. I'm starting to realize that I have quite a bit of humbling to do, haha. The Visitor Center is starting to slow down little by little. I still seem to meet people here that I know from back home. President Weaver and his wife came in the other day (he's from my stake presidency from my Young Single Adult ward in St. George) and so I was able to take them through. It was just so cool to be able to talk to people I knew from home. Crazy how small this world is. Even though I'm miles and miles away, and don't have daily contact with everyone back home, I still seem to hear all about the goings on through the people that come into the VC. Haha. It's cool. 
We have a few investigators- and things are going alright... We took Cathy on a church tour last week, and committed her for baptism. The spirit was so powerful and, ah, I can't even describe how awesome it was. Just know it was really awesome. Anyways, she said that she'd come to church on Sunday, but never showed up so my companion and I were pretty bummed only because we knew that she felt something on that church tour. She said she felt complete being inside the church- and it's because she is! We haven't been able to get hold of her since then, but it's alright, everything will work out in the Lord's way.
Sister Conrow took Warren and Marilyn Hickman,
from Washington Utah, on a tour at the visitors center.
On Saturday, my comp and I had our ward missionary activity that we set up. It actually went pretty well. The members were able to go out and visit people in the ward that needed a helping hand. A lot of them came back telling us all about their neat spiritual experiences. They all told my comp and I that they really wanted to start doing this activity every month, and so Sister Loo and I were like, heck ya, of course! We hope that it will help these members gain a desire to do missionary work within their own ward. It's just so so so important to reach out to everyone in the ward and to let them know they're loved, and to remind them of who they are, but most importantly, who their Savior is. 
Well all, that's about as much as my brain can remember... ha sorry. I'll try to be better at writing things down because I know that so much more happened this past week. Know that I am doing awesome, seriously. I am finally starting to feel really comfortable being here. I feel like it's becoming my home. I just love it, in every way. Even though it's very different than what I grew up around, it's where I need to be. I only hope that I can become who the Lord needs me to be as a missionary and as a person in general. I love this church, I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. The church is true! CHAAA! (said like, ch-yaa- missionary lingo whenever we see a miracle, haha) 

Love, Sister Conrow :)    

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