Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Way Lovin' Life! :)

Hello hello!

So I was going to try to send pictures, but the silly computers here won't let us.. Maybe one day I'll get to send some... ;)

Well things here are going good... Monday we had our weekly morning sports and we walk in and our Zone leaders are standing on the stage with all the lights out except the red ones with all these chairs lined up with shirts hung over the back. It was super funny.. Turns out they had gotten everyone in our zone shirts with our goal for investigators spray painted on the back of em. Ha I love our zone leaders. They are seriously the greatest ever and they make serving a mission so much fun!

My little birthday party coordinator calling is still going good. I swear everyone and their mom has a B-day this month so it's been craziness trying to come up with different ways to surprise everyone, but it's been a lot of fun. I definitely appreciate party planners way more now.

So here in the mission, you never seem to have the greatest health because of how much you eat. The other day we were sitting in an appointment with an investigator and all of the sudden I could feel something coming up (sorry I know that's gross) so I told our investigator- mid sentence that my comp and I had to grab something. Ha ha, so we run out and I go running to the bathroom puking... It was pretty embarrassing, but funny all at the same time.. First time that's ever happened.. Ha, my stomach is still adjusting to Polynesian food I guess..

Next funny story- I went to sit in the bathroom just to have a 5 min break, literally just to sit there (all my stories seem to always happen in the bathroom) and next thing I know I wake up 20 min later.. I thought to myself, "self, did you really just fall asleep in the bathroom?!" I guess that's what happens when you don't get too much sleep. Ha ha good thing no one else had to use it..

OK, now for the spiritual serious stuff- the reason I'm here! The other day my comp and I were trying to find this referral we had received, so we go to her house but no one answers, so S. Loo decided to knock on the neighbors door, well this nice girl answered and actually let us in. We ended up teaching her one of the lessons and it was just so awesome! At the end of it, she is just bawling and told us how she had just been sitting in her kitchen praying, before we knocked on the door, asking God what she should do with her life knowing that she needed to come unto Christ. Ah man, it was just the coolest experience ever. This lady was totally prepared and ready to hear about the church. I am so so grateful that my companion followed the promptings of the spirit and knocked on that young lady's door. You just never ever know who is ready for you! She said that she wants to get baptized, and we are going back today to visit her! YAY! I love this!

Another cool thing happened last week.. So I was downstairs doing referrals and I was going through names of people that I received. I called 2 or 3 and none of those were interested. I was starting to get discouraged and so I told myself that I was going to call just one more.. Well as I was flipping through names, I passed this one name and the spirit told me I NEEDED to call this person.. After a little reluctance I finally did. This was a referral that had been given to me in the MTC and this person lived in AZ. So I call and the mom answers.. Well turns out the referral was actually a member but had decided not to go on a mission. So his mom starts talking to me telling me all about her son and how she just didn't know what to do to help him because he was struggling a little bit in life.. Then she started crying and told me how weird it was that I had called because earlier that morning she was talking with her son and he had finally opened up to her why he wasn't going. I felt like I had known this woman for years. So I told her about my experience of how I decided to call him and told her I would pray of what I could say to her son and then call him back, but even if I don't ever get to speak with him, I am so glad I followed the strong impression I had to call that particular referral because I know that woman was grateful for the phone call. Gosh, I just love the spirit!!!!! 

Anyways, so many more cool things have happened over the past week, but I have to get going. I can't believe transfers are already next week... Time just needs to stop going so stinkin' fast. Know that I love you all and I love hearing from you. Thank you thank you for the love and support you give me. The church is true!!!

Love, Sista Conrow :)  

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