Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Is Well In Zion :)

First off- coolest thing happened the other day, I was coming out of a tour at the Visitors Center and my companion was all, "Sister Conrow, come downstairs real quick." So I did, thinking something was wrong, turns out, there JACE was standing by the stairs. I booked it down the stairs and gave him the biggest hug. I was like, I don't care if I can't hug you, you're my brother, so I'm doing it anyway. Ha ha, it was so so so awesome. We got to sit and talk for about 45 minutes. Ha, I love being at the Visitors Center particularly for that reason. You see everyone you know. Jace, you need to come back so I can give you a tour by the way..

Ah man, I don't have much time to write, as usual, but this past week has just been the greatest. I feel like I am now fully engulfed in the work! Seriously. I don't know how I'm going to leave this place when the end comes, good thing it's like forever and a day away.

Anyway, transfers came and went last week and my companion Sister Loo and I are staying together once again in our same area. I'm so so glad because there's still so much work that has to be done here. I can't believe that next week will be my 3 month mark. What the? Where has the time gone? I finally passed off all my lessons to drive. I am officially no longer a greenie! Joy to the world. It's so nice to not be the new one anymore. Granted, I'm still young in the field, but it's all good.

This past week my comp and I have really been focusing on getting those lost sheep who have fallen away from the church, back to activity. We want to remind them of who their Heavenly Father is and how much he loves them. Real quick side note: EVERYONE DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING. Not ifs, ands, or butts about it Ok? Ok, cool. We're putting together this big activity on the 20th where we're getting the whole ward involved and getting them to go out that night to a certain family in the ward who needs an extended hand. It's going to be so hardcore, we're excited.
Other than that awesome activity coming up, we're trying to find those who are seeking the truth.

Last week we had a funny experience- we went tracting into this neighborhood where an old former investigator lived, and turns out a different person lived at that address. Well her name is Cathy and when she answered the door she was drunk beyond all reason and covered in smoke- She has this big gulp thing that was full of alcohol. At first she was very much against us coming in. She said that she was just at the bottom of the bottom and didn't want to talk to us until she came out. And so Sister Loo and I were like, "uh, please let us help you get out of the bottom, better yet, let your Savior, Jesus Christ help you." She was still pretty hesitant but then finally let us in. We sang some hymns to her to help calm her down, and then left her some pamphlets about the Word of Wisdom. Well sister Loo went back the other day when we were on exchanges and I guess she was so happy to see her and loved what she and the other sister had to share. So now we have a return appointment. I really hope that she'll be able to humble herself and see that this Gospel will bring her ultimate peace, and lasting happiness, not just temporary satisfaction that drinking brings. Man, I love this Gospel. It's just the greatest.

Well, I'm doing fine, gaining weight from all the Polynesian food ha ha, but doing just fine! Thank you all so much for your love and continued support in writing me. I promise I'll get better at writing back. Our time is just so limited sometimes. Well everyone, don't give up. Be an example to those around you, become missionaries, and the Lord will bless you. This is Christ's true gospel on the Earth, if I haven't said it enough, I know it is!

Love you all!
-Sister Conrow

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