Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Piece Of Humble Pie

Ahhh man, this week went by too quick- well slow, but quick. So this past week I got called to be the birthday coordinator for our zone and so I had my first little surprise birthday party on Sunday. It was for our zone leader Elder Smith- I got him a shirt and had everyone sign it and then made him some goodies.. and that night we surprised him at the VC. It was so so so much fun. I think he realy enjoyed it! I love having this calling. I've never been much of a party person, so this calling is helping me to gain a greater appreciation for party planners! Haha it's a blast though!

Anyways, greatest thing happened this week, Jace came back to the visitors center and I got to give him a tour, and take pictures. Luckily it was a slow night so we got to spend a little more time together talking (all about missions and the church of course, what else?) Haha, no, but it was so so so good to see him again. After he left everyone kept asking me, are you ok?? Ha thinking I was going to break down because my brother came in, I'll admit, it was hard to say goodbye, but if anything it taught me a lot. With Jace coming in, I realized how truly important my family is to me and how much I love them with all my heart, and how when I get home I want to make more of an effort to spend time with everyone and let them know how much I care about them.

This past week has been a big week of learning for me. The Lord has been humbling me lots and helping me to recognize my many weaknesses and the things that I really need to fix in order to be a more effective and powerful missionary. Sometimes it's hard to admit to those faults, but I know that I can't progress if I don't fix those things that the Lord needs me to fix. I can't even imagine being home right now and not having this mission to teach me many vital life lessons. I am learning so much from my companion. She's a rockstar. So full of life, love, and service. She teaches me more than she probably knows.

The visitor center is going well, it's starting to die down a little bit now that school is starting (weird). I love it though, I love the people I meet and the lives that touch my heart. When people come in they think they are learning from me, but in all reality, I'm learning from them as we go through the tour.

As for investigators- we had a cool experience on Saturday. My comp and I were at this multi-cultural stake activity when this girl told us to come outside to meet the other sisters out there.. We thought something was wrong for sure, but turns out there was a man out there who lived in our area that wanted to be baptized... I felt like it was another Derek repeat all over again... Haha it was craziness.. That just doesn't happen. Nonetheless, we were so extremely grateful for the tender mercy of the Lord and for him allowing us to be apart of that miracle. So now we are teaching him and another lady who is all alone and works as a nurse.. Her heart has been broken, but as we work with her, each and every time her heart softens a little more and her desire to learn more grows as well. I just already love this lady so so so much and want to do whatever I can to help her come closer to Christ and understand why our church is so different, and to help her understand the importance of a proper baptism in her life- to be cleansed from all sin on earth and in heaven.

Anyways, I better get going, but I just want all of you to know how much I love you. I want you to know how much I am learning out here and how my heart is begining to become tied to Independence. The Lord is my Shepherd and I'm grateful for the lessons he is teaching me while I am out here serving. Stay humble as a child, just like it talks about in Mosiah and allow the Lord to shape you into who he needs you to become.. I feel like that's the theme of my mission, trust in the Lord, and then go and do.

Well, the church is true, 1000%! I love your guts!
Love, Sista Conrow :)

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